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Aggregating Vulnerability Information for Proactive Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

Torkura, Kennedy A.; Cheng, Feng; Meinel, Christoph in Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions 2015 .

The current increase in software vulnerabilities necessitates concerted research in vulnerability lifecycles and how effective mitigative approaches could be implemented. This is especially imperative in cloud infrastructures considering the novel attack vectors introduced by this emerging computing paradigm. By conducting a quantitative security assessment of OpenStack’s vulnerability lifecycle, we discovered severe risk levels resulting from prolonged gap between vulnerability discovery and patch release. We also observed an additional time lag between patch release and patch inclusion in vulnerability scanning engines. This scenario introduces sufficient time for malicious actors to develop zero-days exploits and other types of malicious software. Mitigating these concerns requires systems with current knowledge on events within the vulnerability lifecycle. However, current threat mitigation systems like vulnerability scanners are designed to depend on information from public vulnerability repositories which mostly do not retain comprehensive information on vulnerabilities. Accordingly, we propose a framework that would mitigate the afore-mentioned risks by gathering and correlating information from several security information sources including exploit databases, malware signature repositories, Bug Tracking Systems and other channels. These information is thereafter used to automatically generate plugins armed with current information about possible zeroday exploits and other unknown vulnerabilities. We have characterized two new security metrics to describe the discovered risks, Scanner Patch Time and Scanner Patch Discovery Time
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