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Automated k-Anonymization and l-Diversity for Shared Data Privacy

Analyzing data is a cost-intensive process, particularly for organizations lacking the necessary in-house human and computational capital. Data analytics outsourcing offers a cost-effective solution, but data sensitivity and query response time requirements, make data protection a necessary pre-processing step. For performance and privacy reasons, anonymization is preferred over encryption. Yet, manual anonymization is time-intensive and error-prone. Automated anonymization is a better alternative but requires satisfying the conflicting objectives of utility and privacy. In this paper, we present an automated anonymization scheme that extends the standard k-anonymization and l-diversity algorithms to satisfy the dual objectives of data utility and privacy. We use a multi-objective optimization scheme that employs a weighting mechanism, to minimise information loss and maximize privacy. Our results show that automating l-diversity results in an added average information loss of 7 % over automated k-anonymization, but in a diversity of between 9–14 % in comparison to 10–30 % in k-anonymised datasets. The lesson that emerges is that automated l-diversity offers better privacy than k-anonymization and with negligible information loss.
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Tags Automated_data_anonymization  Data_outsourcing  Multi-objective_optimization  its  k-anonymity  l-diversity 

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