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Fault-Tolerant Distributed Continuous Double Auctioning on Computationally Constrained Microgrids

In this article we show that a mutual exclusion protocol supporting continuous double auctioning for power trading on computationally constrained microgrid can be fault tolerant. Fault tolerance allows the CDA algorithm to operate reliably and contributes to overall grid stability and robustness. Contrary to fault tolerance approaches proposed in the literature which bypass faulty nodes through a network reconfiguration process, our approach masks crash failures of cluster head nodes through redundancy. Masking failure of the main node ensures the dependent cluster nodes hosting trading agents are not isolated from auctioning. A rendundant component acts as a backup which takes over if the primary components fails, allowing for some fault tolerance and a graceful degradation of the network. Our proposed fault-tolerant CDA algorithm has a complexity of O(N) time and a check-pointing message complexity of O(W). N is the number of messages exchanged per critical section. W is the number of check-pointing messages.
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TagsAuction_Protocol  Computationally_Constrained_Microgrid  Fault_Tolerance  Power_Network_Stability  its 

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