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Secure Self-Seeding with Power-Up SRAM States

Krentz, Konrad-Felix; Meinel, Christoph; Graupner, Hendrik in Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2017) Heraklion, Greece , IEEE , 2017 .

Generating seeds on Internet of things (IoT) devices is challenging because these devices typically lack common entropy sources, such as user interaction or hard disks. A promising replacement is to use power-up static random-access memory (SRAM) states, which are partly random due to manufacturing deviations. Thus far, there, however, seems to be no method for extracting close-to-uniformly distributed seeds from power-up SRAM states in an information-theoretically secure and practical manner. Moreover, the min-entropy of power-up SRAM states reduces with temperature, thereby rendering this entropy source vulnerable to so-called freezing attacks. In this paper, we mainly make three contributions. First, we propose a new method for extracting uniformly distributed seeds from power-up SRAM states. Unlike current methods, ours is information-theoretically secure, practical, and freezing attack-resistant rolled into one. Second, we point out a trick that enables using power-up SRAM states not only for self-seeding at boot time, but also for reseeding at runtime. Third, we compare the energy consumption of seeding an IoT device either with radio noise or power-up SRAM states. While seeding with power-up SRAM states turned out to be more energy efficient, we argue for mixing both these entropy sources.
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