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Leveraging Cloud Native Design Patterns for Security-as-a-Service Applications

This paper discusses a new approach for designing and deploying Security-as-a-Service (SecaaS) applications using cloud native design patterns. Current SecaaS approaches do not efficiently handle the increasing threats to computer systems and applications. For example, requests for security assessments drastically increase after a high-risk security vulnerability is disclosed. In such scenarios, SecaaS applications are unable to dynamically scale to serve requests. A root cause of this challenge is employment of architectures not specifically fitted to cloud environments. Cloud native design patterns resolve this challenge by enabling certain properties e.g. massive scalability and resiliency via the combination of microservice patterns and cloud-focused design patterns. However adopting these patterns is a complex process, during which several security issues are introduced. In this work, we investigate these security issues, we redesign and deploy a monolithic SecaaS application using cloud native design patterns while considering appropriate, layered security counter-measures i.e. at the application and cloud networking layer. Our prototype implementation out-performs traditional, monolithic applications with an average Scanner Time of 6 minutes, without compromising security. Our approach can be employed for designing secure, scalable and performant SecaaS applications that effectively handle unexpected increase in security assessment requests.
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