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A verification mechanism for cloud brokerage system

Sianipar, Johannes Harungguan; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Social Media (CSCESM2015) Seite 143 - 148 . Lodz, Poland , IEEE Press , 2015 .

In the existing cloud brokerage system, the client does not have the ability to verify the result of the cloud service selection. There are possibilities that the cloud broker can be biased in selecting the best Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for a client. A compromised or dishonest cloud broker can unfairly select a CSP for its own advantage by cooperating with the selected CSP. To address this problem, we propose a mechanism to verify the CSP selection result of the cloud broker. In this verification mechanism, properties of every CSP will also be verified. It uses a trusted third party to gather clustering result from the cloud broker. This trusted third party is also used as a base station to collect CSP properties in a multi-agents system. Software Agents are installed and running on every CSP. The CSP is monitored by agents as the representative of the customer inside the cloud. These multi-agents give reports to a third party that must be trusted by CSPs, customers and the Cloud Broker. The third party provides transparency by publishing reports to the authorized parties (CSPs and Customers).
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Tags cloud trust

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