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Collaboration and Teamwork on a MOOC Platform - A Toolset

Staubitz, Thomas; Meinel, Christoph in ACM , 2017 .

Teamwork is an an important topic in education. It fosters deep learning and allows educators to assign interesting tasks, which would be too complex to be solved by single participants due to the time restrictions defined by the context of a course. Furthermore, today’s jobs require an increasing amount of team skills. On the other hand, teamwork comes with a variety of issues of its own. Particularly in large scale settings, such as MOOCs, teamwork is challenging. Courses often end with dysfunctional teams due to drop-outs or insufficient matching. The paper at hand presents a set of three tools that we have recently added to our system to enable teamwork in our courses. This toolset consists of the TeamBuilder, a tool to match successful teams based on a variable set of parameters, CollabSpaces, providing teams with a secluded area to communicate and collaborate within the course context, and a TeamPeerAssessment tool, which allows to provide teams with complex tasks and which allows assessment that sufficiently scales for the MOOC context. The presented tools are evaluated in terms of success rates of the created teams and workload reduction for the platform’s OPS-team, which prepares the courses in accordance with the requirements of the teaching teams. The evaluation is based on the analysis of data, which has been collected in five courses that have been conducted on one of our platforms during 2015 and 2016 and interviews with the platform’s OPS-team.
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