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On the Acceptance and Usefulness of Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs

Rohloff, Tobias; Sauer, Dominic; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale Seite 4:1--4:10 . New York, NY, USA , ACM , 2019 .

With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) the number of people having access to higher education increased rapidly. The intentions to enroll for a specific course vary significantly and depend on one's professional or personal learning needs and interests. All learners have in common that they pursue their individual learning objectives. However, predominant MOOC platforms follow a one-size-fits-all approach and primarily aim for completion with certification. Specifically, technical support for goal-oriented and self-regulated learning to date is very limited in this context although both learning strategies are proven to be key factors for students' achievement in large-scale online learning environments. In this first investigation, a concept for the application and technical integration of personalized learning objectives in a MOOC platform is realized and assessed. It is evaluated with a mixed-method approach. First, the learners' acceptance is examined with a multivariate A/B test in two courses. Second, a survey was conducted to gather further feedback about the perceived usefulness, next to the acceptance. The results show a positive perception by the learners, which paves the way for future research.
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TagsE-Learning  Goal-OrientedLearning  LearningObjectives  MOOCs  Self-RegulatedLearning  myown 

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