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Conference Papers for Web-University at the chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

Here you can find all our peer-reviewed conference papers about Web-University, e-learning, tele-teaching, tele-TASK, MOOCs:

Couch Learning Mode: Multiple-Video Lecture Playlist Selection out of a Lecture Video Archive for E-learning Students

Malchow, Martin; Bauer, Matthias; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on SIGUCCS Annual Conference Seite 77-82 . ACM , 2016 .

During a video recorded university class students have to watch several hours of video content. This can easily add up to several days of video content during a semester. Naturally, not all 90 minutes of a typical lecture are relevant for the exam. When the semester ends with a final exam students have to study more intensively the important parts of all the lectures. To simplify the learning process and design it to be more efficient we have introduced the Couch Learning Mode in our lecture video archive. With this approach students can create custom playlists out of the video lecture archive with a time frame for every selected video. Finally, students can lean back and watch all relevant video parts consecutively for the exam without being interrupted. Additionally, the students can share their playlists with other students or they can use the video search to watch all relevant lecture videos about a topic. This approach uses playlists and HTML5 technologies to realize the consecutive video playback. Furthermore, the powerful Lecture Butler search engine is used to find worthwhile video parts for certain topics. Our approach shows that we have more satisfied students using the manual playlist creation to view reasonable parts for an exam. Finally, students are keen on watching the top search results showing reasonable parts of lectures for a topic of interest. The Couch Learning Mode supports and motivates students to learn with video lectures for an exam and daily life.
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