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Conference Papers for Web-University at the chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

Here you can find all our peer-reviewed conference papers about Web-University, e-learning, tele-teaching, tele-TASK, MOOCs:

Designing MOOCs for the Support of Multiple Learning Styles

Grünewald, Franka; Meinel, Christoph; Totschnig, Michael; Willems, Christian in Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2013) Paphos, Cyprus , Springer , 2013 .

"Internetworking with TCP/IP" is a Massive Open Online Course, held in German at openHPI end of 2012, that attracted a large audience that has not been in contact with higher education before. The course followed the xMOOC model based on a well-defined sequence of learning content, mainly video lectures and interactive self-tests, and with heavy reliance on social collaboration features. From 2726 active participants, 38% have participated in a survey at the end of the course. This paper presents an analysis of the survey responses with respect to the following questions: 1) How can a MOOC accommodate different learning styles and 2) What recommendations for the design and organization of a MOOC can be concluded from the responses? We finally give an outlook on challenges for the further development of openHPI. Those challenges are based on didactical and technical affordances for a better support of the different learning styles. We propose an evolution of the xMOOC, that bridges the gap to the cMOOC model by developing tools that allow users to create diverging paths through the learning material, involve the user personally in the problem domain with (group) hands-on exercises and reward user contributions by means of gamification.
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Tagsactive_learning  culture_of_participation  gamification  its  learning_styles  massive_open_online_courses 


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