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Security Engineering

Modern society is increasingly dependent on the security and reliability of IT systems and the Internet, but the vulnerability of our digital world is still proved painfully by hacker attacks on networks or databases, computer viruses, internet worms, and trojan horse attacks. In addition to these facts: the more sensible data like online orders, medical data, or electronic cash is transmitted in open networks like the Internet, the more targets exist for such attacks. So computer and network protection must be one of the most important objectives. This includes protection measures on the underlying network level upto the level of applications and data.

Our Activities in Research and Development

In Security and Trust Engineering our research and development work is mainly focused on:

Some of our Former Security Projects

Our Contributions to Security Awarness

Public online services

Tele-lectures and Courses on IT-Security

Former Activities 

  • Timestamping service that provides a secure and certified connection of a time information with an electronic document, e.g. time of publishing, or time of signing.
  • Security services from Institute for Telematics

Our Publications

  • Our conference papers on Security Engineering are listed within this list
  • Our journal papers can be found here
  • Our technical reports
  • Our Handbook on WWW was published by Springer in 2004. A multimedia book presentation can be found here.

Our Team

  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. sc. nat., Dr.rer.nat. Christoph Meinel
  • Senior Researcher: Dr. rer. nat. Feng Cheng
  • Team members:
    • Dipl.-Inf. Christian Willems (HPI CISO)
    • Muhammad Sukmana, M.Sc.
    • Chris Pelchen, M.Sc.
    • Eric Klieme, M.Sc.
    • Alexander Mühle, M.Sc.
    • Pejman Najafi, M.Sc.
    • Daniel Köhler, M.Sc.
    • Leonard Marschke, B.Sc.
    • Wenzel Pünter, B.Sc.
    • Mehryar Majd, M.Sc.
    • Seyed Ali Alhosseini, M.Sc.
    • Katja Assaf, M.Sc.
    • Kennedy Torkura, M.Sc. (external PhD student, with data4life)
    • Hendrik Graupne, M.Sc. (external PhD student, with Bundesdruckerei - German Federal Printing Agency)
    • Diplom.-Inf. Andreas Grüner (external PhD student, with Deutsche Bank)
  • Student co-workers:
    • Linus Heinzl (BBA)
    • Leon Schmidt (ISec)
    • Leon Schiller (Multi-Cloud Security)
    • Prasetyo Sezi Dwi Sagarianti (Multi-Cloud Security)
  • Former co-workers, students, and international summer interns:
    • Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel
    • Dipl. Wirt. Inf. Dirk Cordel
    • Prof. Dr. E.-G. Haffner
    • Dr. Andreas Heuer
    • Dr. Frank Losemann
    • Dr. Uwe Roth
    • Dr. Michael Schmitt
    • Robert Schuppenies, M.Sc.
    • Dr. Michael Menzel
    • Dr. Michael Noll
    • Robert Warschofsky, MSc.
    • Tacio Santos, MSc.
    • Seraj Fayyad, MSc.
    • Dr. Sebastian Roschke
    • Dr. Matthias Quasthoff
    • Dr. Ivonne Thomas
    • Dr. Rehab Alnemr
    • Dr. Ahmad AlSa'deh
    • Dr. Hosnieh Rafiee
    • Dr. Maxim Schnjakin
    • Dr. Amir Azodi
    • Dr. Linda Briesemeister
    • Dr. Aragats Amirkhanyan
    • Dr.-Ing. Martin Ussath
    • Dr.-Ing. David Jaeger
    • Dr.-Ing. Marian Gawron
    • Tatiana Gayvoronskaya, M.Sc.
    • Dr. Konrad-Felix Krentz
    • Dr. Andrey Sapegin
    • Christian Tietz, M.Sc.

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