Secure Cloud Access Management

Attribute-Based Encryption

Attribute-based encryption is an encryption type  that uses set of descriptive attributes to secure the data with the encrypted data can only be accessed if attributes of the user fulfils the set of attributes of the encrypted data. It provides encrypted hierarchical and role-based access control and file-level security into the file as only the authorized user with the correct attributes can access the file.

Multi-Cloud Resource Access Control

Cloud computing presents several attractive benefits such as increased productivity, flexible access to resources and reduced costs. In order to leverage these benefits, a common challenge faced by is selection of the right cloud service for specific tasks. Multi-Cloud platforms have emerged as an attractive approach way for combining several cloud services thereby in order to maximise the advantages of the cloud. However, multi-cloud solutions present several challenges owing to inadequate cross-provider APIs, lack of cloud computing standards and non-unified access control mechanisms. Our research focuses on mitigating these concerns in the context of access control mecahanisms. Using a novel technique that connects modern authentication standards and multiple cloud authorization methods such as OAuth, we leverage on the concept of "Signed URLs" to provide unified access control for our prototype multi-cloud storage solution - CloudRAID. There are several benefits emerging from this approach,  for example it could be deployed as a central authentication system for enterprise multi-cloud platforms that consume several cloud services.