Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Müller


Machine Learning: Sales forecast for an online shop that dynamically adapts its prices

Both so­lu­tions sub­mit­ted to the in­ter­na­tion­al DATA MINING CUP 2017 by 16 HPI students are among the TOP-10 so­lu­tions!

This year more than 200 teams from a total of 150 universities from 48 countries took part in the international student competition for intelligent data analysis. Thus, the DATA MINING CUP (DMC) broke its own participants record. Every year, DMC calls on students from around the world to put their expertise to the test on a practical data mining task. For 17 years, the internationally renowned competition has been bridging the gap between theory and practice with a data mining task.

The topic of this year’s DMC was to come up with a sales forecast for an online shop that dynamically adapts its prices. Student teams around the world had to create a mathematical model to predict sales figures using historical anonymized transaction data from a real mail-order pharmacy.


The internal pre­sen­ta­tion of the stu­dent's so­lu­tions will take place on the 12th of June at 16:00 in D-E.9/10 (HPI Campus II) as part of the Big Data Analytics Lab. While the final award ceremony will take place during the prudsys personalization summit on 27/28 June 2017 in Berlin.