Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Müller


The world is a graph - Neo4j from theory to practice

We are happy to announce that Neo4j is giving an invited talk on June 20, 2017 at 15.15 in lecture hall 1.


The graph data model has received an unprecedented growth in the last few years. Many publications in research discuss applications, analytics and distribution challenges. And in practice, we see large banks, retailers and infrastructure companies building graph-powered applications, along with expert users comprising researchers, journalists and developers gaining many insights out of this approach.

Neo4j as a native graph database powers many of these applications. In this talk we want to look at the database from top to bottom, from the ecosystem and query language, through to the architecture and clustering choices. We will also discuss some interesting practical applications and demonstrate them live. In closing, we will discuss forward-looking topics like graph analytics, open language evolution, new trends for hardware that affect scaling and more. After the talk we hope for a lively discussion.


Petra Selmer is a member of our engineering team. She successfully defended earlier this year her doctoral dissertation on a graph query language that allows for slight imprecisions, allowing users to explore complex domains without having to get everything exactly right in their queries. For many years, she worked as a consultant and developer in a variety of different settings and roles. Petra is South African and is working in Neo4j's London office.

Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development for a very long time. For the last few years he has been working with Neo Technology on the open source Neo4j graph database filling many roles. As caretaker of the Neo4j community and ecosystem he especially loves to work with graph-related projects, users and contributors. As a developer Michael enjoys many aspects of programming languages, learning new things every day, participating in exciting and ambitious open source projects and contributing and writing software related books and articles.