Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Arvid Heise

Former PhD student

Email: Arvid Heise

Research Activities

  • Cloud Computing
  • Parallel and Declarative Data Cleansing
  • MapReduce with Hadoop


SOFA: An Extensible Logical Optimizer for UDF-heavy Data Flows

Rheinländer, Astrid; Heise, Arvid; Hueske, Fabian; Leser, Ulf; Naumann, Felix in Information Systems 2015 .

Recent years have seen an increased interest in large-scale analytical data flows on non-relational data. These data flows are compiled into execution graphs scheduled on large compute clusters. In many novel application areas the predominant building blocks of such data flows are user-defined predicates or functions (UDFs). However, the heavy use of UDFs is not well taken into account for data flow optimization in current systems. SOFA is a novel and extensible optimizer for UDF-heavy data flows. It builds on a concise set of properties for describing the semantics of Map/Reduce-style UDFs and a small set of rewrite rules, which use these properties to find a much larger number of semantically equivalent plan rewrites than possible with traditional techniques. A salient feature of our approach is extensibility: We arrange user-defined operators and their properties into a subsumption hierarchy, which considerably eases integration and optimization of new operators. We evaluate SOFA on a selection of UDF-heavy data flows from different domains and compare its performance to three other algorithms for data flow optimization. Our experiments reveal that SOFA finds efficient plans, outperforming the best plans found by its competitors by a factor of up to six.
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