Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Dr. Johannes Lorey



Former PhD student of the HPI Research School
at University of Potsdam
Email: Johannes Lorey




Research Activities

  • Cloud Computing
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis and Processing
  • Data Placement
  • Linked Data Management


Caching and Prefetching Strategies for SPARQL Queries

Lorey, Johannes; Naumann, Felix in Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Usage Analysis and the Web of Data (USEWOD) Montpellier, France , 2013 . Selected as Best Workshop Paper for publication in ESWC post-proceedings

Linked Data repositories offer a wealth of structured facts, useful for a wide array of application scenarios. However, retrieving this data using SPARQL queries yields a number of challenges, such as limited endpoint capabilities and availability, or high latency for connecting to it. To cope with these challenges, we argue that it is advantageous to cache data that is relevant for future information needs. However, instead of only retaining results of previously issued queries, we aim at retrieving data that is potentially interesting for subsequent requests in advance. To this end, we present different methods to modify the structure of a query so that the altered query can be used to retrieve additional related information. We evaluate these approaches by applying them to requests found in real-world SPARQL query logs.
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Teaching Activities

Co-supervised Master's thesis

  • Armin Zamani-FarahaniStrategies for structure-based rewriting of SPARQL queries for data prefetching, 2013