Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Dr. Johannes Lorey



Former PhD student of the HPI Research School
at University of Potsdam
Email: Johannes Lorey



Research Activities

  • Cloud Computing
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis and Processing
  • Data Placement
  • Linked Data Management


Black Swan: Augmenting Statistics with Event Data

Lorey, Johannes; Naumann, Felix; Forchhammer, Benedikt; Mascher, Andrina; Retzlaff, Peter; ZamaniFarahani, Armin; Discher, Soeren; Faehnrich, Cindy; Lemme, Stefan; Papenbrock, Thorsten; Peschel, Robert Christoph; Richter, Stephan; Stening, Thomas; Viehmeier, Sven in Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) page 2517-2520 . Glasgow, UK , 2011 .

A large number of statistical indicators (GDP, life expectancy, income, etc.) collected over long periods of time as well as data on historical events (wars, earthquakes, elections, etc.) are published on the World Wide Web. By augmenting statistical outliers with relevant historical occurrences, we provide a means to observe (and predict) the influence and impact of events. The vast amount and size of available data sets enable the detection of recurring connections between classes of events and statistical outliers with the help of association rule mining. The results of this analysis are published at http://www.blackswanevents.org and can be explored interactively.
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Teaching Activities

Co-supervised Master's thesis

  • Armin Zamani-FarahaniStrategies for structure-based rewriting of SPARQL queries for data prefetching, 2013