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Julian Risch

I am a Ph.D. student at the Information Systems Group and a member of the HPI Research School. My research focuses on topic modeling and deep learning with applications in the field of comment analysis. Further, I am involved in projects on patent classification and book recommendation.

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Phone: +49 331 5509 272

Email: Julian Risch

Open Master's Theses

I provide supervision for Master's theses in the area of News Comment Analysis, e.g., Toxic Comment Classification, User Engagement Prediction, Comment Recommendation, and Discussion Summarization/Visualization. Feel free to schedule an informal meeting with me to discuss details of these topics and/or your own ideas.



Ergonomic Interaction for Touch Floors

Schmidt, Dominik; Frohnhofen, Johannes; Knebel, Sven; Meinel, Florian; Perchyk, Mariya; Risch, Julian; Striebel, Jonathan; Wachtel, Julia; Baudisch, Patrick in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems page 3879-3888 . New York, NY, USA , ACM , 2015 .

The main appeal of touch floors is that they are the only direct touch form factor that scales to arbitrary size, therefore allowing direct touch to scale to very large numbers of display objects. In this paper, however, we argue that the price for this benefit is bad physical ergonomics: prolonged standing, especially in combination with looking down, quickly causes fatigue and repetitive strain. We propose addressing this issue by allowing users to operate touch floors in any pose they like, including sitting and lying. To allow users to transition between poses seamlessly, we present a simple pose-aware view manager that supports users by adjusting the entire view to the new pose. We support the main assumption behind the work with a simple study that shows that several poses are indeed more ergonomic for touch floor interaction than standing. We ground the design of our view manager by analyzing, which screen regions users can see and touch in each of the respective poses.
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