Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Data Integration Systems

  • CurEx: A system for extracting, curating, and exploring domain-specific knowledge graphs

Completed projects

In the past, we have built various large and small data integration systems. They are no longer maintained and many if not most of them are not longer actively running. Please contact Felix Naumann to learn more.

  • GovWILD: An integrated set of government data to explore nepotism in politics and economy.
  • Aladin: A system to perform almost automatic integration of datasets.
  • MAC / Hummer: A system to integrate heterogeneous datasets, including schema matching, deduplication and data fusion steps.
  • Service Integration with Posr/Depot/Faster: Search, maintain and compose data services
  • System P: A peer data management system (PDMS) for data integration
  • XQueryGen: An interactive tool to create complex XQueries