Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Current projects

  • DAQS: Data Quality as a Service
  • DuDe: A duplicate detection framework and suite of algorithms and datasets
  • Annealing Standard: A system too gradually build a gold standard for classification problems

Completed projects

  • BibTex Deduplication: An online service to deduplicate bibliography files.
  • METL: Systematic management of sets of complex ETL processes
  • Similarity Search: Methods to efficiently find similar records in large databases
  • Dirty XML Generator: Create XML data with duplicates for evaluation purposes
  • XClean: Cleaning and deduplicating XML data
  • Data Fusion: Technolgies for combining duplicates into single consistent records
  • MyDBLP: Systematically annotate bibliographic data
  • Viqtor: Bulk data quality annotations
  • HiQIQ: High quality information querying