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How to Stay Up-to-date on Twitter with General Keywords

Roick, Mandy; Jenders, Maximilian; Krestel, Ralf in Proceedings of the LWA 2015 Workshops: KDML, FGWM, IR, and FGDB volume   1458   of   CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1458 , CEUR-WS.org , 2015 .

Microblogging platforms make it easy for users to share information through the publication of short personal messages. However, users are not only interested in sharing, but even more so in consuming information. As a result, they are confronted with new challenges when it comes to retrieving information on microblogging platforms. In this paper we present a query expansion method based on latent topics to support users interested in topical information. Similar to news aggregator sites, our approach identifies subtopics to a given query and provides the user with a quick overview of discussed topics within the microblogging platform. Using a document collection of microblog posts from Twitter as an exemplary microblogging platform, we compare the quality of search results returned by our algorithm with a baseline approach and a state-of-the-art microblog-specific query expansion method. To this end, we introduce a novel, innovative semi-supervised evaluation strategy based on expert Twitter users. In contrast to existing query expansion methods, our approach can be used to aggregate and visualize topical query results based on the calculated topic models, while achieving competitive results for traditional keyword-based search with regards to mean average precision.
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