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Students are welcome to contact me in case they are interested in writing a Bachelor's or Master's theses in my area of interest.

Lectures & Seminars

Seminar Knowledge Graphs (2021)
Lecture Deep Leraning for Text Mining (2020/2021)
Seminar Introduction to Deep Learning for Computer Vision (2020/2021)
Lecture Information Retrieval (2020)
Seminar Solving the Climate Crisis with Text Mining (2020)
Lecture Web Science (2019/2020)
Lecture Deep Learning (2019/2020)
Seminar Intelligent Systems (2019/2020)
Seminar Text Visualization (2019)
Lecture Pattern Recognition and Time Series Analysis (2019)
Seminar Search Engine Implementation (2019)
Seminar Intelligent Systems (2019)
Seminar Recommender Systems (2018/2019)
Lecture Deep Learning for Text Mining (2018/2019)
Seminar Social Network Analysis (2018/2019)
Lecture Database Systems I (2018)
Seminar Text Mining in Practice (2018)
Lecture Information Retrieval and Web Search (2017/2018)
Seminar Probabilistic Graphical Models (2017/2018)
Lecture Series Data Engineering in Practice (2017/2018)
Seminar Recommender Systems (2017)
Seminar Text Mining (2017)
Lecture Data Mining and Probabilistic Reasoning (2016/2017)
Lecture Database Systems I (2016)
Seminar Advanced Topic Modeling (2016)
Lecture Information Retrieval and Web Search (2015/2016)
Lecture Data Mining and Probabilistic Reasoning (2015)
Seminar Recommender Systems (2014/2015)
Lecture Information Retrieval (2014)
Seminar Search Engine Implementation (2014)

Supervised Student Projects:

Master Project Generating Art using GANs
Bachelor project Improving the Museum Experience with Data Analytics (2019/2020)
Master project Multimodal Analysis of Cultural Data (2020)
Bachelor project Exploration of Large E-Mail Corpora ( 2017/2018)
Master project Hate Speech Detection (2017)
Master project: Learning to Note (2015/2016)
Bachelor project: Big Data Analytics for Health Data (2014/2015)
Master project: Finding Tweets for News (2014)
Softwarepraktikum (2008/2009)


Watch our new MOOC in German about hate and fake in the Internet ("Trolle, Hass und Fake-News: Wie können wir das Internet retten?") on openHPI (link).

New Photos

I added some photos from my trip to Hildesheim.

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