Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


The information systems group invites interested colleagues and students to a regular lunch accompanied by an informal talk. Usually, there shall be no slides but demos are welcome.

Where: A.1 communication area

When: During regular course weeks (Vorlesungszeit) Tuesday at 12:30.

Topics (in reverse chronological order)

  • 20.07.2010: Uwe Draisbach et al.: The DuDe
  • 13.07.2010: Status report of Bachelorproject ETL-PM (N2)
  • 06.07.2010: Status report of Bachelorproject Midas (N1)
  • 29.06.2010: Thomas Holl: Cloud Computing in der Praxis... am Beispiel von Babbel.com
  • 22.06.2010: Toni Grütze und Christoph Böhm: New developments in ProLOD
  • 15.06.2010: Shikoh Gitau: Doing Mobiles: Research @ the ICT4D Center
  • 08.06.2010: Vic Gundotra: Google I/O 2010 Keynote
  • 01.06.2010: Tobias Flach: Green databases
  • 25.05.2010: Silke Trißl: Anfrageoptimierung auf Graphdaten
  • 18.05.2010: Sören Haubrock: Spatial data analysis
  • 11.05.2010: Christoph Böhm: Empirical Comparison of Algorithms for Network Community Detection (paper by Jure Leskovec, Kevin J. Lang, and Michael W. Mahoney at WWW 2010)
  • 04.05.2010: Stefan C. Richter: Sourcecodeverwaltung mit Git und Mercury
  • 27.04.2010: Dustin Lange: Effiziente Personensuche
  • 20.04.2010: Alexander Albrecht: Application Development on Android

This schedule is subject to change without notice.