Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Recommender Systems

Lecturer: Dr. Ralf Krestel


Recommender systems have become very popular in recent years. Many applications include recommender algorithms in one way or another. An early example of industrial application of recommender systems is recommending books by Amazon. Other application areas include movies, music, news, web queries, tags, and products in general. Independent of the application domain, various approaches have been developed to improve recommendations. Further, explanations of recommendations and evaluating recommender systems are active research fields, together with psychological and economical implications, as well as privacy concerns. We will look at different aspects of recommender systems and fundamental algorithms of the field.

In this seminar, each student will present one topic related to recommender systems in a 30-minutes talk followed by 15 minutes of discussion. At the beginning of the semester each student should present his/her topic in a 5-minutes short talk. At the end of the semester, each student has to hand in a written summary report (5 pages; two column style) of his/her topic. Active participation in all discussions is mandatory.

This seminar is limited to 6 participants. If more apply we will pick randomly.

The grade will consist of

  • 30% Presentation
  • 30% Active Participation
  • 40% Summary Report

The seminar takes place on Monday at 13:30 in A-2.2.


Date |Topic | Presenter    
13.10.14|Introduction | Dr. Ralf Krestel    
17.10.14|Application Deadline |    
18.10.14|Notification of Acceptance |    
20.10.14|Organizational Meeting | Dr. Ralf Krestel    
3.11.14|Short Presentations| All Students    
8.12.14 |Collaborative Recommendation |    
8.12.14 |Content-Based and Knowledge-Based Recommendation |    
15.12.14 |Hybrid Recommendation |    
15.12.14 |Explanations in and Evaluation of Recommender Systems |    
12.1.15|Attacks on Recommender Systems |    
12.1.15|Recommender Systems 2.0 |    
26.1.15|Final Discussion |    
16.3.15|Report Deadline|    

Slides and Reports

You can find the slides of the presentations and the summary reports in the HPI internal area.


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