Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

We offer a broad range of courses to cover various aspects of web science. Students can choose among the following regular courses (For the actual courses each semester please visit our teaching page!):


Information Retrieval and Web Search (Lecture)

Information retrieval (IR) deals with finding information. It uses natural language processing and data mining methods to search large information systems. Related fields are digital libraries, web search, and search engines in general.


Natural Language Processing (Lecture)

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the syntactic and semantic processing of human (vs. programming) language.


Data Mining and Probabilistic Reasoning (Lecture)

Data mining (DM) is a field of artificial intelligence and statistics, closely related to machine learning and information systems. The goal is to discover patterns in large, complex data and use these for prediction and analysis. We particularly look into probabilistic models and inference.

Recommender Systems (Seminar)

Recommender Systems are information filtering methods. Closely related to information retrieval, they actively suggest/recommend items or content to users and thus help coping with the 'information overload'. They are very popular within e-commerce systems and for personalization.

Advanced Topic Modeling (Seminar)

Topic modeling is a statistical method to cluster words in a given corpus to form topics. In its basic version it is completely unsupervised. As a probabilistic graphical model it can be easily extended and adapted to various scenarios even beyond text and words. Latent Dirichlet allocation is the most popular topic modeling approach, but there are many extensions for various use cases.


Master's Theses and Master Projects

Please contact us if you want to write your Master's thesis in the area of text mining/web science. On the Master's thesis page you can find more information and a link to a list with open topics.

We also offer Bachelor and Master projects irregularly. Check the teaching page for up-to-date information.