Order: Museum Barberini Friends Card

After completing the online form, you will receive a personalized and non-transferable Friends Card from the Museum Barberini. It will be delivered to your HPI office. This may take several days. We ask for some patience.

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Privacy Policy of the Museum Barberini

In order to process the contractual relationship, the customer’s name and address, together with his or her e-mail address and telephone number are saved and utilized for the duration of the contractual relationship. Access to this data is limited to the employees of the Museum Barberini GmbH and those service providers specifically responsible for handling this data and who are commissioned with specific instructions to treat this information with care and exclusively for the purpose of processing the contract. Customers shall  immediately inform the Museum Barberini GmbH if there are any changes to the said data.

With the explicit consent of the client, his or her name, address, telephone number and e-mail address may also be transferred to a general address file of the Museum Barberini GmbH, which is maintained and used by visitor services.

Please find the complete "Terms and Conditions" at https://shop.museum-barberini.com/#/page/agb.