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Immune Defense

Creativity is a central phenomenon in life, however, measuring creativity is difficult. Standard tests, like the AUT, are often time intensive to evaluate and rely heavily on language comprehension. Immune Defense, a new type of creativity test, is implemented as a video game in the Tower Defense genre. By strategically placing game elements, such as towers or trees, players defend the heart of an alien from attacking viruses.

Immune Defense is available online for you to try. One game, or test, takes five minutes to complete. A tutorial will introduce you to the game concepts, no experience with video games is needed. If you wish to learn about the results of your test, simply fill out the form shown after completing the game and we will reach out to you.

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The CollaboUse is a test developed to deliver fully automated creativity assessments for individuals and teams, based on the testing logic of the Alternative Uses Task. The CollaboUse can be taken online, with test-takers prompted to think up many, diverse and original ideas in three minutes by combining items to realize their ideas. When taking the test in a team, partners can join on one computer or join the task remotely.

You can take the CollaboUse test online, either by yourself or with your team. A prompt and ten items will be randomly selected, so the task can be repeated many times. If you are interested in your results, simply download the generated file at the end, send it to us, and we will get back to you with your results.

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