Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner

Trends in Bioinformatics

General Information

Aim of the Seminar

This seminar introduces you into the broad area of bioinformatics - data types, standard analysis procedures, and applied tools. We want you to conduct research on a particular topic to identify and discuss advantages and drawbacks with the standard procedures, propose a solution (depending on the topic), and evaluate your approach by comparing it with the state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools.

We expect you to present your findings seminar presentations and by writing a research paper. We will guide you throughout the whole semester and support you in improving your research, writing, and presentation skills.


The final grading will be determined by the following individual parts, while each part must be passed at least: 

  • Intermediate presentation, final presentation and abstract (40%)
  • Research article (40%)
  • Individual commitment (20%)

Topics - Overview


Schedule and Slides

Kick-OffOct 17, 9.15 AM, E-9/10, Campus II
Topic SelectionOct 25, 11.59 PM
Topic Assignment NotificationOct 26, 1 PM
Intermediate PresentationsDec 11 - 15, concrete dates assigned after topic assignment
Final Presentations

Feb 5 - 9, concrete dates assigned after topic assignment

Introduction into Scientific WritingJan 23, 9.15 AM, E-9/10, Campus II
Report deadlineMar 31, 11.59 PMIEEE Latex Template