Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI


Hannover/Potsdam. The Potsdam Hasso Plattner Institute will be presenting its research projects and exhibits at the CeBIT 2012, in Hall 26 (9) booth H12, from 6-10 March 2012. The "Greenhouse" booth will be sure to follow in the exceptional path established by the Potsdam center for excellence in IT-Systems Engineering in Germany. Here, young talents are symbolically "growing", and will be presenting their research projects to fair visitors. Tele-Board is a representative of one of HPI's exemplary research projects. With the help of an interactive Smart Board, it allows teams separated over large distances to "virtually" meet in one room. Tele-Board was developed and tested within the framework of the Design Thinking Research Program, in partnership with Stanford University in the US. The innovative culture of "Design Thinking" supports the development of particularly creative solutions. This inventive development, as is taught at the HPI School of Design Thinking, will be presented at the CeBIT. Representatives from the chair Human Computer Interaction explain how by tracing the shape of a button on any surface an imaginary remote control which operates a device can be created. Together with SAP AG, HPI presents the HANA Oncolyzer, an exemplary model of how personalized health care in the field of cancer research receives IT technical support, thanks to the in-memory technology researched at HPI.

Book raffle at the HPI booth
Besides getting information about the individual exhibits, fair visitors can also pick up a "QR-Code raffle ticket" at the HPI booth and win a book by HPI scientists. Every ticket is a (knowledge) winner. The QR-code on the ticket leads either to a learning video from HPI's own Teleteaching platform tele-TASK.de or to a book, handed out as an original edition at the HPI booth.

CeBIT Adventure for students
On Saturday March 10, the last day of the fair, the theme "Education" stands in the forefront with HPI students organizing a CeBIT adventure for 12 high school students. The young people are given the opportunity to visit interesting CeBIT booths, meet prominent figures from the IT branch and talk with HPI students about the possibility of later studies in computer science. Conditions for participation are based on successful participation in the first round of the 30th Federal Competition in Computer Science and selection by the HPI and Federal competition jury. For more information: www.bwinf.de and BwInf-Camp 2012


Exhibits of Hasso Plattner Institute at CeBIT 2012:

  1. Turning Point in the Development of Business Software: The New Data Management Technology that Makes Analyses Lightning Fast
  2. Draw Your Own Interface
  3. Visual Analysis of Software Systems
  4. Virtual 3D City Models on Tablets and Smart Phones
  5. Tele-Board Eases Creative Idea Exchange in Spatially Separated Teams
  6. Browsing Through German History: A New Search Experience in Historical Video Archives
  7. How a Hacker Works - Cyber Security Training in the Virtual Lab
  8. Teleteaching - Learning at any Time, any Place
  9. Design Thinking - User-Centered Innovations for All Areas of Life
  10. Cloud Computing: HPI Competence Sought at National Research Program
  11. HANA Oncolyzer: HPI Technology Supports Personalized Healthcare

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