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From BigBench to TPCx-BB: Standardization of a Big Data Benchmark

Cao, Paul; Gowda, Bhaskar; Lakshmi, Seetha; Narasimhadevara, Chinmayi; Nguyen, Patrick; Poelman, John; Poess, Meikel; Rabl, Tilmann in Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking. Traditional - Big Data - Interest of Things - 8th TPC Technology Conference, TPCTC 2016, New Delhi, India, September 5-9, 2016, Revised Selected Papers Seite 24-44 . 2016 .

With the increased adoption of Hadoop-based big data systems for the analysis of large volume and variety of data, an effective and common benchmark for big data deployments is needed. There have been a number of proposals from industry and academia to address this challenge. While most either have basic workloads (e.g. word counting), or port existing benchmarks to big data systems (e.g.TPC-H or TPC-DS), some are specifically designed for big data challenges. The most comprehensive proposal among these is the BigBench benchmark, recently standardized by the Transaction Processing Performance Council as TPCx-BB. In this paper, we discuss the progress made since the original BigBench proposal to the standardized TPCx-BB. In addition, we will share the thought process went into creating the specification, challenges in navigating the uncharted territories of a complex benchmark for a fast moving technology domain, and analyze the functionality of the benchmark suite on different Hadoop- and non-Hadoop-based big data engines. We will provide insights on the first official result of TPCx-BB and finally discuss, in brief, other relevant and fast growing big data analytic use cases to be addressed in future big data benchmarks.
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