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Landmark-Assisted Location and Tracking in Outdoor Mobile Network

Anisetti, Marco; Ardagna, Claudio Agostino; Bellandi, Valerio; Damiani, Ernesto; Döller, Mario; Stegmaier, Florian; Rabl, Tilmann; Kosch, Harald; Brunie, Lionel in Multimedia Tools Appl. 2012 .

Technical enhancements of mobile technologies and the integration of multi-sensors, like accelerometer and camera, within mobile devices are paving the way to the definition of high quality and accurate geolocation solutions based on the informations acquired by multimodal sensors, and data collected and managed by GSM/3G networks. In this paper, we present a technique that provides geolocation and mobility prediction of a mobile devices, mixing the location information acquired with the GSM/3G infrastructure and a landmark matching obtainable thanks to the camera integrated on the mobile devices. We first present our geolocation approach based on an advanced Time-Forwarding algorithm and on database correlation technique over Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) data. Then, we integrate it with a landmark recognition infrastructure, to enhance our algorithm in those areas with poor signal and low accurate geolocation. The radio signal-based location is thus improved integrating the information gettable via landmark recognition infrastructure directly in the geolocation algorithm. Finally, the performances of the geolocation algorithm are carefully validated by an extensive experimentation, carried out on real data collected from the mobile network antennas of a complex urban environment.
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