Majo Juarez

María José aka Majo defines herself as a social entrepreneur. She is currently co-founding Sistas, a project focusing on creating inclusive safer spaces for community building and mentorship to tackle the problems of loneliness and gender inequality in Berlin, alongside studying a masters in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance. She is also a member of D.Collective a playground for design thinkers, and Giegling, a music label and arts collective.

Majo moved to Germany 3 years ago in the aim of leaving her comfort zone and joined the D-School which was the first safer space she experienced, this made her decide to stay and pursue the coaching experience. For her, Design Thinking is more than an innovation method executed by an iterative process, it's a mindset that challenges competitive social behaviours and fosters diversification which leads to collaborative innovation. Her focus is on testing and ideation.

She has experienced and worked in public, private and third sector. From campaigns for political parties to managing accounts in LATAM like Boiler Room. 7 years ago she founded Mexiro an NGO focused on social impact at the local level: sustainable development and women empowerment in Mexico, her come country alongside studying a BA on Political Science.