Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

HICSS 2021 - Mini Track on Human-centered Design

Call-for-Paper (CfP)

Digital products and services are progressing in their importance for our nowadays economy. Beside technological considerations, the alignment to human and user needs is of high relevance for the success and sustainable use of digital innovations and related software systems.

The minitrack offers a stimulating forum where researchers and practitioners, who are investigating the field of „human-centered design“ in close relationship with digital innovations, digitization and requirements engineering, can present and discuss recent research results on a wide range of topics, in addition to exchanging ideas, experiences and challenging problems. We are looking for qualitative and quantitative contributions and encourage the submission of articles in the following domains:

  • The impact of human- and user-needs on technology decisions
  • Innovation management practices for digital innovations
  • Archetypes of human behavior in relationship to digital innovations and innovation outcomes
  • The interlink between requirements engineering and human-centered design
  • Incorporation of human-centered design and software development methods
  • Measurement and impact of human-centered design on organizational and project level on digital innovations
  • Skills and capabilities for human-centered design in organizations
  • Incorporation of human-centered design in business process modeling
  • (Advanced) techniques for human-centered design in the development process for digital innovations
  • The application of human-centered design and Design Thinking as part of digital transformation programs
  • Testing procedures and prototyping techniques
  • Approaches to increasing the acceptance of digital innovations by users and other stakeholders
  • Effectiveness of human-centered design training
  • Human-centered design and innovation management practices for digital innovation
  • Governance models for digital innovations

The track encourages the submission of novel work, new ideas, and position statements alike pertaining to solutions in the above-mentioned areas and their empirical evaluations.

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Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Falk Uebernickel (Primary Contact)
University of Potsdam

Matthias Söllner
University of Kassel

Manuel Wiesche
TU Dortmund University

Daniel Mendez
Blekinge Institute of Technology