Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Selina Mayer - Impact of Design Thinking in Organizations and on Individuals

Roger Martin describes Design Thinking as “the most powerful formula for competitive advantage in the twenty-first century”. Up to date, scholars and practitioners discuss the added value of DT as quite controversial. Johansson-Sköldberg, Woodilla and Çetinkaya even sum it up as being “easy for the temporarily intensive discourse to be dismissed as hype or a fad.”. One critical argument is that the impact of DT on organizational performance is lacking empirical evidence. Therefore, Selina Mayer aims in her dissertation to better understand the impact of DT in organizations and on individuals. As a first step, a qualitative research design following the grounded theory approach is applied. Preliminary results indicate that while organizations implement DT for creating innovation outcomes, individuals experience change on a personal level. Therefore, the individual and organizational level have to be considered when it comes to the impact of DT.