Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Connecting the dots - Planning, measuring and steering the impact of human-centered design and Design Thinking in organizations


Over the last years, the role of design thinking in organizations has expanded and many organisations have invested ressources to implement design thinking into their organisation. By building such a design thinking capability, many organisations could strengthen their innovation muscle and develop human-centered services and products. However, the increasing investments made by managements have also increased the pressure on the methodology to provide information about the impact of the methodology. Furthermore, many organisations lack the ability to track and measure their progress in using design thinking for digital innovation. Therfore, this proposal aims to answer the following Research Questions: 

RQ1: How can software driven organizations systematically plan the improvement and constant use of DT and HCD aligned and synchronized with the existing corporate strategy?

RQ2: How should organizations continuously measure the application of HCD and DT in projects and departments? What are the appropriate key performance indicators depending on the maturity level and what can be visualizations/dashboards?

RQ3: How can organizations steer the implementation and usage of DT and HCD? What practices are needed to grow into a new maturity level?