Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Leveraging Digital Ecosystems for Sustainability

Business Models; Information Technologies; Innovation and Strategy

Companies increasingly use digital technologies and data to develop products, services, and business practices that contribute to sustainability objectives. Based on past MIT CISR research, we hypothesize that companies with ambitious sustainability objectives must leverage the power of digital ecosystems, and in doing so will create ongoing value for all participants. We will study this by conducting interviews with experts and executives responsible for companies’ digital initiatives for sustainability and creating case studies on successful initiatives.

We will focus on the following research questions:

  • To what extent have companies leveraged ecosystems to make significant progress on sustainability objectives?
  • What practices help companies overcome challenges, create momentum, and realize sustainability value and other digital value from digital initiatives for sustainability?
  • How do companies hold digital initiatives accountable for realizing value and how do they track the cumulative impact?


We are seeking participation in the research from executives responsible for digital initiatives that have made significant progress on sustainability objectives and that have created value. We are particularly interested in digital initiatives for sustainability currently underway or completed with other organizations.


Ina M. Sebastian, Research Scientist

Thomas Haskamp, Ph.D. Candidate & Research Collaborator, MIT CISR

Stephanie L. Woerner, Director & Principal Research Scientist

Barbara H. Wixom,Principal Research Scientist



Thomas Haskamp

Email: thomas.haskamp(at)hpi.de