Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

DTRP Workshop

HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program Workshop (in parallel to ICED'09 (International Conference on Engineering Design))
August 25th, 2009, 9am - 12.30pm Stanford University

The workshop was a mixture of short project presentations, interactive design challenges and proto-typing, public testing, and poster session.
It included the following program points:

  • Presentation of the Design Thinking Research Process
  • Interactive Design Challenges
  • Remote Collaboration Tools Demonstrations
  • Rapid “on-the-spot” Prototyping
  • Public Testing
  • Panel Discussion with Prashanth Padmana Bhan and Jeremiah Stone (both SAP Product Management) and Prof. Christoph Meinel (HPI, Program Co-Direktor)

Detailed Program:

Welcome + Program
What is DTRP? Which projects are involved? What is this workshop about?
Karin-Irene Eiermann

DT Challenge + Researcher’s observation
Workshop participants will form groups with different premises (e.g. different equipment) and do a very small design challenge including presentation in the end.
DT Researchers will observe, take pictures etc. related to their research topic.
Christine Noweski

Presentation of research projects related to challenge
Different project teams present their former and future research with reference to the design challenge

Design Thinking Research: I wish, I like
Workshop participants write (or draw) their ideas and wishes concerning DT Research on post-its using tablet-PCs, iPhones and the “Rosie Booth”. (This can be extended into the break)
Post-its will appear on teleBoard.


Welcome back
What did we do, what follows next?
Karin-Irene Eiermann

Remote collaboration
Remote clustering of post-its, drawing etc. Participants will sit in one room; 2-3 of us will go to the other room.
Afterwards presentation of D-Tools 2.0 and Rosie project (each 5 min.)

Short introduction to BPM and the tangibility aspect. Interactive session with audience to prototype tangibility for their collaboration.  
E.g., Tangibility in Customer Service Design.
Alexander Großkopf, Jonathan Edelman

Panel Discussion
Possible topics: What’s the value of DT Research? Do we need DT?