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Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

Social Media Analysis

From Tweet to Lead: HPI's Social Media Analysis Identifies Potential Customers

Social Media Analysis
(Source: HPI)

This analysis of social media channels makes cold calling completely superfluous. Our software identifies those potential customers who actually are an excellent business prospect; in other words: from Tweet to Lead! HPI's social media suite identifies potential business customers on the basis of their published texts in social networks. Due to the huge amount of contributions in the social web, it would be extremely time-intensive to manually find promising business contacts. That's why the HPI system automatically searches for sales-related postings, assigns them to relevant products, and presents them in a web application whose surface looks like a usual mail inbox. The innovative system evaluates postings by learning beforehand from the company's marketing documents the typical expressions and terms applied to certain products. The HPI system evaluates the relevance with the help of the sales staff. This way, typical advertising messages or technical details where no purchase request is recognized are filtered out.