Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

June 14-15, 2010, Hasso Plattner Institute


Monday 14th
10:00 HPI Tour (Each group is represented by one student, arranged by Stephan)
12:00 Mensa Lunch (Vouchers for 6 students arranged by Sabine)
13:30 Work Presentations* (e-mails to the participants and schedule by Rehab)
16:00 Walk in Potsdam (Stephan is The Guide:))
19:00 Dinner w.z. Prof. (Hundertwasserhaus Toscana Restaurant in Potsdam) -> Alex (Done!)

What is it?

Over the years the HPI Research School has been expanded to a state in which we are excited to welcome fellow PhDs from University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, and the Technion, Israel. In order to foster collaboration and information exchange, we organized a pre-symposium workshop, so that students from HPI, Technion, and UCT will get to know each other both on the social and the academic levels.

The workshop lasts for two days: Monday, June 14, and Tuesday, June 15. It will include an introduction of the Hasso Plattner Institute, an introduction into the huge variety of research topics in the Research School, and a social part, in which we are exploring the surroundings of the HPI, Potsdam and Berlin.

The introductions into the research topics will follow a more informal pattern: each member is given a 5 minute slot to give an elevator pitch of his research. We call this 1-slide-5-minutes talks. The aim here is to discuss interactively outcomes of our research. To keep the tight schedule, we limit each presentation to 1 slide so that every member is forced to concentrate on the key points.

Please find below the agenda of our pre-symposium workshop. The agenda of the official symposium on Future Trends in Service-oriented Computing can be found here.

Agenda - Monday, June 14, 2010

10:00-12:30|HPI Tour|HPI
|Introduction of the chairs|
13:30-15:30|Work presentations|Hörsaal 3
|Ralph Kuehne (HPI)|
|Malte Appeltauer, Felix Geller, Michael Perscheid (HPI)|
|Mohamed AbuJarour, Johannes Lorey, Tobias Vogel (HPI)|
|Dmitri Perelman, Alex Kogan, Amit Berman (Technion)|
16:00-19:00|Potsdam Sight-Seeing|Potsdam

Agenda - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10:00-12:30|Work Presentations|Hörsaal 3
|Basil Becker, Regina Hebig, Thomas Vogel (HPI)|
|Michael Menzel, Rehab Alnemr, Ivonne Thomas, Saurabh Arora (HPI)|
|Shikoh Gitau, Raymond Mugwanya (UCT)|
|Stephan Kluth (HPI)|
|Eyal Zohar (Technion)|
12:30-13:30|Info Lunch (for our guests from Technion and UCT)|Build. A.1
13:30-15:30|Work Presentations|Hörsaal 3
|Jan-Arne Sobania, Alexander Schmidt, Frank Feinbube, Uwe Hentschel (HPI)|
|Dieter Hildebrandt, Jan Klimke, Martin Beck (HPI)|
|Artem Polyvyanyy, Emilian Pescalau, Andreas Mayer, Thomas Kowark (HPI)|
16:30-19:30|Berlin Sight-Seeing|Berlin
19:30|Social Event (Schnitzelei Restaurant in Charlottenburg, Röntgenstraße 7, 10587 Berlin)|