Publications at CHI and UIST

2014 CHI

Cheng, LP, Lühne, P., Lopes, P., Sterz, C. and Baudisch, P. 
Haptic Turk: a Motion Platform Based on People. 
In Proceedings of CHI 2014, pp.3463-3472.  PDF (4.9M) |  Video.

Schmidt, D., Ramakers, R., Pedersen, E., Jasper, J., Köhler, S., Pohl, A., Rantsch, H., Rau, A., Schmidt, P., Sterz, C., Yurchenko, Y., Baudisch, PKickables: Tangibles for Feet. In Proceedings of CHI 2014 (to appear) PDF (14.8M) |  Video

Mueller, S., Mohr, T., Guenther, K., Frohnhofen, J., Baudisch, P.
faBrickation: Fast 3D Printing of Functional Objects by Integrating Construction Kit Building Blocks.
In Proceedings of CHI 2014, pp. 3827-3834.
 PDF (10.8MB) |  Slides (131.1MB)  |  Video

Jota, R., Lopes, P., Jorge, J., and Wigdor, D.
Let's Kick it: How to Stop Wasting the Bottom Third of Your Large Scale Display.
In Proceedings of CHI 2014 (to appear).

2013 UIST

Holz, C. and Baudisch, P.
Fiberio: A Touchscreen That Senses Fingerprints.
In Proceedings of UIST 2013.

 PDF (2.2M) |  Youtube
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Baudisch, P., Pohl, H., Reinicke, S., Wittmers, E., Lühne, P., Knaust, M., Köhler, S., Schmidt, P., Holz, C. Imaginary Reality Games: Ball Games Without a Ball. In Proceedings of UIST 2013, 6 pages.
 PDF (9.1M) PPT+Video (291M) Youtube

2013 CHI

Mueller, S., Kruck, B. and Baudisch, P. 
LaserOrigami: Laser-Cutting 3D Objects.
In Proceedings of CHI 2013, pp. 2585-2592.
 PDF (7.7MB) |  Slides (148.1MB)  |  Video
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Bränzel, A., Holz, C., Hoffmann, D., Schmidt, D., Knaust, M., Luehne, P., Meusel, R., Richter, S. and Baudisch, P. 
GravitySpace: Tracking Users and Their Poses in a Smart Room Using a Pressure-Sensing Floor. In Proceedings of CHI 2013, pp. 725-734.
 PDF (1.6MB)

Wagner, J., Nancel, M., Gustafson, S., Huot, S. and Mackay, W. 
A Body-centric Design Space for Multi-surface Interaction.
In Proceedings of CHI 2013.
 PDF (2.6MB)

Gustafson, S., Rabe, B. and Baudisch, P.  
Understanding Palm-Based Imaginary Interfaces: The Role of Visual and Tactile Cues when Browsing. In Proceedings of CHI 2013.
 PDF (5.4MB)

Roudaut, A., Sterz, C., Rau, A., Plauth, M., Lopes, P. and Baudisch, P. 
Gesture Output: Eyes-Free Output Using a Force Feedback Touch Surface. In Proceedings of CHI 2013.

Lopes, P. and Baudisch, P. 
Muscle-propelled force feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices. In Proceedings of CHI 2013. (Note)

Schmidt, D. and Gellersen, H.
Personal Clipboards for Individual Copy-and-Paste on Shared Multi-User Surfaces. In Proceedings of CHI 2013.

Cheng, L. Liang, H.S., Wu, C.Y. and Chen, M.Y. 
iGrasp: Grasp-based Adaptive Keyboard for Mobile Devices. In Proceedings of CHI 2013.

Cheng, L. Liang, H.S., Wu, C.Y. and Chen, M.Y. 
iRotateGrasp: Automatic Screen Rotation based on Grasp of Mobile Devices. In Proceedings of CHI 2013. (Note)

2012 UIST

Mueller, S., Lopes, P. and Baudisch, P.
Interactive Construction: Interactive Fabrication of Functional Mechanical Devices. In Proceedings of UIST 2012, pp. 599-606.
 PDF (6.6MB) |  Slides (107.9MB) |  Video

2012 CHI

Holz, C., Grossman, T., Fitzmaurice, G. and Agur, A.
Implanted User Interfaces.
In Proceedings of CHI 2012, pp. 503-512.
 PDF (2.4MB) |  Slides (16.5M)

Chan, L., Mueller, S., Roudaut, A. and Baudisch, P. CapStones and ZebraWidgets: Sensing Stacks of Building Blocks, Dials and Sliders on Capacitive Touch Screens. In Proceedings of CHI 2012, pp. 2189-2192.
 PDF (6.6MB) |  Slides + Videos (198.5MB) 

Richter, S., Holz, C., Baudisch, P. Bootstrapper: Recognizing Tabletop Users by their Shoes. In Proceedings of CHI 2012, pp. 1249-1252.
 PDF (29.6MB) |  Slides (6.4M)

Rudeck, F. and Baudisch, P. Rock-Paper-Fibers: Bringing Physical Affordance to Mobile Touch Devices. In Proceedings of CHI 2012, pp. 1929-1932.
 PDF (6.4MB) |  Slides (13.1M)

Mulloni, A., Duenser, A., Seichter, H., Baudisch, P., Schmalstieg, D. 360° Panoramic Overviews for Location-Based Services. In Proceedings of CHI 2012, pp. 2565-2568.
 PDF (3.69MB) |  Slides (36.4MB)

Gustafson, S. Imaginary Interfaces: touchscreen-like interaction without the screen. In Extended Abstracts of CHI 2012, 927-930 (Doctoral Consortium).
 PDF (2MB) |  Slides (40.3MB)

2011 UIST

Gustafson, S., Holz, C., and Baudisch, P. Imaginary Phone: Learning Imaginary Interfaces by Transferring Spatial Memory from a Familiar Device. In Proceedings of UIST 2011, 283-292.
  PDF (1.6MB) |  Youtube

Wimmer, R., and Baudisch, P. Modular and Deformable Touch-Sensitive Surfaces Based on Time Domain Reflectometry.
In Proceedings of UIST 2011, 9 pages. 
 PDF (3.0M)  PPT (51.1M)

2011 CHI

Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Understanding Touch. In Proceedings of CHI 2011, 2501-2510.

 PDF (1MB) |  Slides (5.5M)

Roudaut, A., Pohl, H., and Baudisch, P. Touch on Curved Surfaces. In Proceedings of CHI 2011, pp. 1011-1020.

 PDF (3.1MB) |  Slides (70.1M)

Holz, C. and Wilson, A. Data Miming: Inferring Spatial Object Descriptions from Human Gesture. In Proceedings of CHI 2011, 811-820.

 PDF (1MB) |  Slides (10.0M)

Ashbrook, D, White, S. and Baudisch, P. Nenya: Subtle and Eyes-Free Mobile Input with a Magnetically-Tracked Finger Ring. In Proceedings of CHI 2011, pp. 2043-2046 (Note).

2010 UIST

Gustafson, S, Bierwirth, D., and Baudisch, P. Imaginary Interfaces: Spatial Interaction with Empty Hands and without Visual Feedback. In Proceedings of UIST 2010, 3-12.

 PDF (1MB) |  PPT (21MB)   |  Youtube

Augsten, T., Kaefer, K., Meusel, R., Fetzer, C., Kanitz, D., Stoff., T., Becker, T., Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Multitoe: High-Precision Interaction with Back-Projected Floors Based on High-Resolution Multi-Touch Input. In Proceedings of UIST 2010, 209-218.

  PDF (3.2M)  |    PPT+Video (186.3M)   |  Youtube

2010 CHI

Baudisch, P. Becker, T, and Rudeck, F. Lumino: Tangible Blocks for Tabletop Computers Based on Glass Fiber Bundles. In Proceedings of CHI 2010,  pp. 1165-1174.
http://www.patrickbaudisch.com/publications/bestpapericons/CHIBestPaperAward16px.gif CHI 2010 BEST PAPER AWARD
  PDF (2.2M) |  PPT+Video (33.6M) |   MOV (11.0M)

Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. The Generalized Perceived Input Point Model and How to Double Touch Accuracy by Extracting Fingerprints. In Proceedings of CHI 2010, 581-590.
 PDF (1.5M)  |  Presentation (9.8M)

Boring, S., Baur, D., Butz, A., Gustafson, S., and Baudisch, P. 2010. Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction Through Video. In Proceedings of CHI 2010, 2287-2296.
 PDF (0.5M)  |  PPT+Video (143.9M)  |  WMV (46.3M)

2009 UIST

Ni, T. and Baudisch, P. 2009. Disappearing Mobile Devices. In Proceedings of UIST 2009, pp. 101-110.
  PDF (1.5M)  |    PPT+Video (17.6M)

Holz, C. and Feiner, S. Relaxed Selection Techniques for Querying Time-Series Graphs. In Proceedings of UIST 2009, 213-222.
 PDF (0.9M)  |  Presentation (3.6M)

2009 CHI

Baudisch, P. and Chu, G. 2009. Back-of-Device Interaction allows making very small mobile devices. In Proceedings of CHI 2009pp. 1923-1932.
  PDF (1.8M)  |   PPT+Video (44.6M)  |   WMV (60sec)