Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI
Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

Blockvorlesung Trends und Konzepte in der Software-Industrie I (Sommersemester 2005)


Allgemeine Information

  • Semesterwochenstunden: 2
  • ECTS: 3
  • Benotet: Ja
  • Einschreibefrist: 01.01.1970
  • Lehrform:
  • Belegungsart: Wahlpflichtmodul


  • IT-Systems Engineering MA


This series of lectures describes Enterprise Software and its

development shown on the SAP NetWeaver. It consists of twelve lecture-units. Each lecture will dive into one specific area and investigate.

After the lecture the students should be able to see the big picture of software engineering.

Central elements:

  • Technical Concepts, Fundamental Technologies & Tools
  • The Enterprise Software Infrastructure and its Components: SAP NetWeaver
  • Design, Performance, Environment and Context


MSc-Student at the HPI


last years lecture notes are available at www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/intern/aktuell/lv/TrendsUndKonzepteSoftware-Industrie_Plattner

this years lecture notes are in preparation

Lern- und Lehrformen

Lectures only


Every participant has to write a short essay about one (major) topic investigated in the lectures; the essay has to follow the ieee guidelines for procedings.

Topics will be assigned at the end of the last lecture.

Timeframe for this work are the remaining days of June.


Four Full Days (6 to 8 hours each):

  • 2 June
  • 3 June
  • 6 June
  • 7 June

course language is English. Therefore:

  • all used material is in English
  • lecture notes are in English
  • the essay must be written in English