Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

Fachspezifisches Englisch (Level 2) (Sommersemester 2009)

Dozent: Wolfgang Lüer

Allgemeine Information

  • Semesterwochenstunden: 2
  • ECTS: 3
  • Benotet: Nein
  • Einschreibefrist: 08.05.2009
  • Lehrform:
  • Belegungsart: Wahlpflichtmodul


  • IT-Systems Engineering BA


Subject-Specific English for IT-Systems Engineering – Bachelors


This subject-specific course for HPI Bachelor students develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Participants are enabled to consolidate their grammar knowledge and extend their critical reading skills drawing on authentic materials, British and American university textbooks and scientific texts and the Web. Topics are selected according to the results of the needs analysis and will vary respectively. Students are encouraged to investigate the subject-specific patterns and conventions of their target discourse community. Effective strategies for writing scientific papers and documentations are explored. Authentic subject-specific topical video materials are used to develop students’ listening and note-taking skills supported by listening assignments for discussion in class. Through business case studies participants acquire the oral communication and professional presentation skills needed for both studying abroad and functioning in future jobs by e.g. engaging in seminar presentations by practically applying problem-solving strategies. Improving self-learning strategies for functioning well in English-speaking environments augment this. 


Examination requirements are:

  • Oral Presentation
  • End-of-term Paper