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E-School Xpert Talk: "How to identify and focus on the right market segments for your product idea?"

"Young entrepreneurs are passionate about their ideas. Almost every startup faces the uphill battle to acquire new paying customers in a short period of time.

This is the moment of truth. Unfortunately, many great ideas suffer a crash landing, because their technology products fail to resonate with the demands of market - or - the startup team has developed an amazing technology, which unfortunately addresses the wrong market segment."

Über dieses und andere Themen, die bei der Gründung eines Tech-Unternehmens auftreten, spricht Alexander Renneberg, Senior Analyst von D-LABS bei diesem Xpert Talk.

Im Anschluss laden wir euch zu Pizza und Bier ein.

Der E-School Xpert Talk zusammengefasst:

Thema: How to identify and focus on the right market segments for your product idea?

Gastredner: Alexander Renneberg, Senior Analyst D-LABS

Inhalt: Identifying the right market segments. Including:

  • What needs to be done in order to find profitable market segments?
  • How to open up your product to become attractive for more market segments?
  • How to validate whether identified market segments are really profitable?
  • What must be done before investing into marketing & sales?

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