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„How to build a great product that customers love. Learnings from GoEuro“

On this fourth event of our Startup Talks @ HPI-series Naren Shaam, CEO & Co-Founder of GoEuro will present his views on „How to build a great product that customers love“ and share his expert knowledge. Mr. Shaam will talk about the problems in travel he set out to solve, and how the company is building a consumer-centric product. He will cover challenges faced on that journey; the importance of understanding consumer behaviours; and building an international team capable of changing global transportation. Read more about the speaker below.

As usual, there will be an informal get-together with craft beer, snacks and the opportunity to discuss further questions with the speaker after the talk.

If you want to participate, please sign up here.The event is for HPI students, staff and alumni only. The number of participants is limited. 


About the Speaker

Born in Bangalore, India, Shaam has an MBA from Harvard University and worked in the auto industry and financial services before moving to Berlin in 2012.

As a passionate traveler, it was while backpacking around Europe in 2010 after completing his studies that Shaam first became aware of the need to improve the transport booking system across the continent. Although the trip was a fantastic experience, Shaam found he was spending too much time planning the trips rather than enjoying them.

There was no centralised, clear platform, to find, compare and book train, bus and flight options. The travel operators were not all presented in one place, and each country had very different ways of presenting data and managing user experience, making it a very challenging process in desperate need of change. The inspiration behind GoEuro was born and Shaam packed up his life in New York, moved to Berlin and the GoEuro journey began.

Startup Talks @HPI: Session 4