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HPI meets... Facebook

Wie ist es, als Ingenieur bei Facebook zu arbeiten? Zwei Ingenieure vom Londoner Office haben es am 11. Mai im Facebook-TechTalk am HPI erzählt.


Stopping Spam at Facebook 


Facebook connects 1.4 billion of people in the world. This makes the site an attractive destination for people who want to use it as a way to spread spam. In this tech talk we will go over the common types spam attacks that we observe at Facebook, we will discuss how Facebook’s anti-abuse systems classify user actions as benign or malicious and we will also cover how Facebook keeps user accounts secure.  The talk will present many of the traits that make Facebook a unique, challenging and rewarding place for software engineers. It will be delivered by Ioannis Papagiannis and Michal Nanasi, two software engineers working on infrastructure security from Facebook’s London office.