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"HPI meets..." Google

Meet Jonathan Wellons, Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, California. In this "HPI meets... Google"-Talk Mr. Wellons will give an overview of "Distributed Storage and Computing at Google".

We will discuss some of the techniques Google uses for data storage and structuring to handle the vast number of data objects that must be scanned or processed to support our most popular apps and services, like Gmail, Maps and Youtube.

By working through an example, we will show how a hypothetical Google product queries a distributed database which offers high resilience and low latency and with some discussions of the trade-offs involved.  This talk will cover the full stack from making data centers reliable and efficient to the different data storage options and how they structure data to optimize different requirements of a service.  This includes an example of the well-known MapReduce framework needed to pre-process data for the application queries and lessons learned on building a reliable service on unreliable hardware.

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We invite you to come learn about Google and meet one of our Googlers on October 26th.  If you're interested or otherwise want to connect with Google, please upload your resume at goo.gl/Fkgytv (Recruiters will look at every resume uploaded through this form).