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"HPI meets" Netlight

“On the matter of working with legacy systems and migration of Big Data”

When it comes to Big Data the technical challenges in a real world scenario are usually complex but exciting and on the edge. Technology does not yield for legacy systems and at some point everyone has to migrate. Moving systems to the cloud is a hot topic. Cloud solutions allow for near-infinite scaling with the push of a button while only paying for what you really use, therefore dramatically improving efficiency while decreasing cost. Move your data to the cloud and you will be in an ecosystem that can store and process all of your data, run all kinds of ML algorithms, and enable all the critical analyses that can boost your business.

This is what the speakers from Netlight are doing for one of their clients right now. They migrate a data platform to a Google Cloud solution, build a versatile ETL/ELT platform and enable teams to use this new stack. Along this journey they are facing a variety of challenges no one told them about when they were at university: Coaching to work data-driven, dealing with legacy systems and most importantly: building trust with stakeholders across the board.

Meet HPI alumnus Frederic Schneider, Pascal Ackermann, and Afshin Loni. Afshin is working as a backend/DevOps engineer and in his daily routine, he is tackling the challenges of the infrastructure and the ETL jobs running on it. Pascal is working in Data Engineering and drove initiatives for building a data-driven mindset in his project. He deeply cares about building genuine and meaningful relationships between Netlight and the client. Frederic is a data engineer working in big data batch- and streams-processing and currently supports his client in migrating their on premise data lake infrastructure to the cloud and implementing GDPR compliant user tracking systems and processes.

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