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Startup Talks @ HPI: Design.Studio

Lecture VI: 'The Creation of a Successful Brand'

Paul Stafford, co-founder and CEO of DesignStudio is an expert in brand creation. We are very happy to welcome him at HPI in April.

In his talk he will share his experience with HPI students and alumni in how to make a new - or established - brand successful. With DesignStudio Paul has created and shaped brands for the most innovative and exciting companies in the world. Among them are Airbnb, Deliveroo, Twitter, UEFA and the Premier League.

DesignStudio is based in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney. In 2009 Paul co-founded the agency alongside business partner and fellow designer Ben Wright. Their vision was to work closely with ambitious leaders to make a Meaningful Difference to the world’s most exciting brands. As a leading brand expert, Paul has worked closely alongside company CEOs such as Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Will Shu (Deliveroo), Johannes Reck (GetYourGuide) to create business change through the implementation of brand. Paul has also spoken at major international design events and organisations in North America, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

After the talk there will be an informal get-together with beer, Mate and snacks and the opportunity to discuss further questions with the speaker. Please note that the event will be recorded and the video will be published subsequently.

The event is for HPI students, staff and alumni only. The number of participants is limited. Please register here if you want to participate.