BPC 2018: Ideation & Team-Matching Workshop

You are passionate about starting your own company? You are looking for a business idea or the perfect teammates?
Then you should join our “Ideation & Team-Matching Workshop” on 25 April 2018.

Whether you have an idea, a team or just your creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm, this workshop helps you be prepared for HPI Business Plan Competition (BPC) later this year where teams can be awarded prices up to EUR 100,000. 

“Ideation & Team-Matching Workshop”

When: 25 April 2018, 3.00-7.00pm
Where: HPI D-School

  1. Find your co-founders to build a successful team
  2. Iterate your idea towards a business concept
  3. Pitch in front of an investment team to practice for the HPI Business Plan Competition

You will be interacting and working with other passionate students from different schools, experienced coaches and founders providing guidance. 
To unwind and mingle after an eventful afternoon we will provide food & beverages for an invaluable exchange. 

Language: German or English (depending on the audience)
Application: To guarantee a diverse group of highly qualified participants, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions with about 1-3 sentences each.

Please send your application email till 15 April 2018 to e-school@hpi.de. Selected participants will be named till 17 April. Early application is advised.

  • What is your background (program of study, semester, etc.)
  • Do you already have an idea? If yes, describe it shortly.
  • What is your interest in participating (e.g. finding a team, looking for creative input, etc.)

Please note: Your participation in the HPI Business Plan Competition is independent from the participation at this workshop.