Abihome.de is an organization platform for high school students taking the hassle out of organizing the final school year. In Germany high school students usually create a so called "Abizeitung" (similiar to a yearbook), organize events like their prom and graduation parties and have a lot more of things to attend to. Abihome helps them to focus on their final exams by providing a platform specifically tailored for their needs. They can organize their events on the platform, collect the data for the "Abizeitung", vote in surveys and rankings and do much more. In mid 2016 Abihome already had more than 50.000 registered users all over Germany.

Abihome was founded by Florian Schwenkert in January 2013. Since Daniel Schwenkert joined the team as a HPI student in 2015, Abihome was supported by the E-School-Team of the HPI. Abihome was sold in October 2016.